About us

Hi there!

We are the Petite Pets World team, and we are here to help you care for your pets.

This site is all about bringing you the important information you need to provide your little friend with a happy and healthy life.

We love small pets, and we are here to share our expertise and knowledge to help you give your pets the best possible care and to choose the right products for them.

We have done extensive research to offer you only the best advice, and we’re always happy to answer your questions.

Petite pets of our team members:

  • 7 hamsters (Tony, Tilly, Charlie, Spot, Hampy, Lily, and Peeps)
  • 5 guinea pigs (Peppa, George, Nibbles, Lola, and Maggie)
  • 4 rabbits (Buzz, Dottie, Cotton, and Mr. Brown)
  • 4 rats (Olly, Sniff, Jack, and Pearl)
  • 3 ferrets (Cotton, Ginger, and Joy)
  • 2 chinchillas (Babs and Buddy)
Lily is a White Dwarf Hamster
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